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Aluda Pharmaceuticals has developed small molecule therapeutics that represents a significant new way to intervene in the fundamental biology of how disease takes over cell machinery. The target vimentin, an intermediate filament, is ‘hijacked’ by disease to mobilize, become invasive, or otherwise exacerbate disease pathology. Binding to vimentin (‘inhibition’) interrupts disease movement inside the cell and its’ signaling outside the cell —both depend critically and irreplaceably on vimentin.

Extensive literature shows potent and specific effects across autoimmune disease, cancer, viral infection, and fibrosis through 20 years of comprehensive academic research of both disease and normal cell. This shows vimentin is only essential under abnormal (‘emergency’) conditions, and under normal conditions does not have any essential roles that cause toxicity when blocked. Vimentin inhibition therefore can block disease without any mechanistic basis for toxicity. Aluda’s expert advisor in vimentin biology has written some of the most cited literature in the field that has cataloged all these roles, findings, and controversy.

This unusual biology has led to an extremely clean safety and tolerability profile throughout preclinical development of ALD-R491 and points to its suitability for a wide range of patient types including elderly/fragile, steroid-unsuitable, and pediatric.

Aluda has developed a full series of vimentin inhibitor compounds with:


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