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STAT3 P705

Aluda has a series of TLR4 agonist- STAT3 activators with potential to increase anti-cancer immunity and reduce solid tumors and has a series of compounds in early development.

Aluda investigated STAT3 Y705p inhibition as an effective strategy to treat autoimmune diseases and has a series of compounds in early development. STAT3 is critical in Th17 cell differentiation and Th17-mediated autoimmunity. Genome-wide association studies have implicated STAT3 signaling pathway in the development of many diseases, such as IBD, lupus and psoriasis. In addition to its effects on immune components, constitutive STAT3 activity in keratinocytes leads to a skin phenotype of psoriasis in mouse models, suggesting that STAT3 links activated keratinocytes and infiltrated leukocytes in psoriasis development.

While STAT3 inhibitors have mainly been evaluated for cancer therapy, the understanding of new variants has provided potential to explore further use in autoimmune disease.

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